Thursday, March 11, 2010

what good architecture mean?

What good architecture mean to us? or we don't care at all as long as we can earn money monthly.
For me good means standard or on par. Below means bad and it can goes up to better and best. Seeking what is good architecture can be usefull either for architecture society or any other fields. For sure it will give different value and need to a different people. But the information gaining from it could save a lot of things.
Now a days we always heard green architecture. It sounds to save the world that we are living today. It seem like the world we are living today are in danger or slowly goes to unconvinience place to habitable. Therefore, recycle words going popular and slowly have power. Not only material surrounding us can be recycle but the energy also. By recycle energy it could help us not so much depend on oil and the price of be continue

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